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The Marine Division of V R Infosystems is focused on developing softwares for the Maritime Industry such as PC- based Simulators, Customised Software Solutions for Shipping Companies and Shipping Portals. Some of the products are successfully running in various Institutes and Shipping Companies and are duly approved by Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India

The purpose of V R Infosystems Marine GMDSS Simulator is to provide a practical operations and knowledge of the Maritime Mobile service. The objective is also to meet the requirements of the 'examination syllabus for GOC' issued by the administration. Salient features... Our software provides an introduction to each individual system used on board equipped in accordance with GMDSS requirements. Furthermore, it seeks to make it conspicuous to the users of GMDSS equipment the vital importance of understanding the limitations and posibilities of the different systems with regard to range and coverage.

This is used for imparting effective and practical training to seafarers on Ship handling. It caters to all the requirements of STCW '95 rules & regulations. It gives a complete view of the horizon as seen from the bridge while steering different types of vessels. There is a simulation of Gyrocompass, Rudder Indicator, Telegraph control, Autopilot, Deviation meter and the RPM indicator. All the equipments / meters display the current parameters of the ship. Currently the simulator offers a choice of 5 different ships, viz. General Cargo, Container, Tanker, OBO and Bulk Carrier.

This PC-based Simulator is tailor-made for conducting the Radar Observer / ARPA course (IMO Model Course 1.07) and caters to all the requirements of IMO as well as STCW '95. This Simulator has been approved by Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India

V R Infosystems Marine's Electronic Chart Display is an exclusively operational product with all the features incorporated in such a way that it can be used on board, on any Vessel. It can be interfaced with modern equipments like GPS, Echo Sounder Auto pilot and Gyro repeaters via standardised protocol.

V R Infosystems Marine's BTM / RANSCO Simulator is based on the latest software technology. Each student's console is equipped with a Visual Steering Simulator integrated with Radar / Arpa, Control Screen and Electronic Charts. The student will have a complete command over all the equipment simulated to give a realtime scenario.

The Officer of the watch - Ship Manoeuvring Simulator (OOW-SMS) is designed for Maritime Training Institutes imparting Pre-Sea Training to the Nautical and Polyvalent cadets. Brief... The simulator presents a 180-degree realistic view of the scenario using high-resolution graphics. The simulator consisting of a ship station with instruments of navigation, as well as display of target ships and surroundings as seen from a wheel house
Berth Management System

This is an integrated system for vessel traffic management at the Ports.

The ports have to respond to ever-increasing demands of handling tons of cargo and the frequency of incoming vessels of all types starting from the large oil tankers to specialized car carriers. Therefore, the need for efficient and integrated system capable of furnishing and processing, real-time information on the berth level position vis-à-vis queue servicing is extremely important.

This software has been designed keeping in view the above dimensions and therefore includes the following:

  • Module for maintaining layout of the Dock Complex.
  • Vessel details module
  • Automatic allocation of berth for incoming vessels
  • Vessel departure module
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