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The basic objective of this application software is to cater Stock-Broking services such as Share & stocks, Secondary market trading, Mutual fund and other investments. The entire back-end operations including Accounts are taken care of. Additionally, the software has provision for Sub-broker recruitments.

The software has the provision for day-end electronic data import from various Stock exchanges, electronic submissions of bids and seamless data export in the required format.


Base Modules and Functionality

New Issue Management
Trading analysis of Secondary Market
Sub Broker Maintenance Daily basis import of trading data
New Issue Type Terminal wise brokerage analysis
Issue Details  
Issue Activity
Mailing & Marketing
Issue history Marketing professional wise target
Client Maintenance Daily Follow up maintenance
Registrar Maintenance Branches Requirements
Bidding maintenance Sub Brokers Requirements
Export of bidding data Receipts of Forms
Brokerage generation Dispatch to Branches/Sub Brokers
Cr. Note generation  
Mutual Fund
Back office accounting
New Issue Maintenance Brokerage Calculation
Sub Broker Maintenance Incentive Calculation
Client Maintenance Voucher Entry
Brokerage generation Credit Notes
Cr. Not generation  
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