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1. The software tracks the loading and unloading operations of Liquid cargo carriers such as Trucks, Bullets, Tankers and Containers. It covers both “owned” and “hired” vehicles. “Bulk” cargo is transported from refineries to bottling plants and “Packed” cargo is transported to distributors. Tariff chart exists for between distribution points for different cargo types, each sub-divided by the region covered (as different tax structures are applicable for inter-state transportation). Different rate structures also exist for loading and unloading. Hired vehicles have independent commission rates. Shortage rates of various cargo types for different conditions are also applicable

2. All the rates are subject to retrospective changes and require supplementary invoices to be generated

3. The vehicle maintenance is also part of the software. Consumption on various accounts such as tyre, engine repair, sundry repairs, lubricants, etc. are also accounted. Renewals of tax, insurance, pollution certificate, explosive certificate, etc. are tracked

4. Driver roster and advances paid/adjusted are also tracked

5. Daily status of vehicle – loading, unloading, breakdown, on-the-way, etc.

Operating Environment

The software is user-friendly with GUI-interface. It runs on Windows Environment (Win 98/Me/NT/2000/2003) in both standalone and Multi-user environment.

The software is back-end database independent. It can run on Oracle, SQLServer, Access, etc. depending on the client’s choice of database

Base Modules

  • Vehicle details
  • Owned / Hired Vehicles
  • Billing
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Vehicle Repair Log
  • Company Accounts
  • Plant Accounts
  • Vehicle Profitablity
  • Query & Reports


» Vehicle Details
Details such as vehicle No, Engine No, Chassis No, Registration date, CF validity, Explosive validity, Permit details, Insurance, Financier details, whether hired or owned, etc.

» Loading Points
Name and locations of Refineries

» Bottling Plants
Name and locations of plants

» Distributors
There are multiple distributors for each bottling plant. Rates for transporting from the B/P to each for different cargo types are maintained for different vehicle types (belonging to same state, other states, etc.)

» Rates Per Km
Tariff chart for transporting bulk from one refinery to different bottling plants is maintained. For Packed items, rates are in cylinders and for bulk rates are in MetricTons. These rates are different for different regions and for different category of items (both bulk and packed)

» Shortage Rate
For each plant, there are different rates for each cylinder type. Shortage rates are for different shortage types (such as Cap, filled cylinder, empty cylinder, etc.)

» Bulk / Packed Loading / unloading
Loading and unloading details are maintained through this interface. Also includes advances paid to drivers. Documents such as challans, gate pass, etc. are generated. At the unloading point shortages (type and quantity) are also logged

Other interfaces

  • Details of Hired vehicles
  • Driver roster
  • Tyre purchase
  • Tyre replacements
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Accounts Vouchers – Receipt, Payment, JV, Contra, etc.

Query / Reports

  • Challans, Bills, Supplementary Bills
  • Vehicle Ledger – both hired and owned
  • Ledger & Trial of both owned & hired vehicles
  • Bottling Plant wise Income/Expenditure accounts
  • Refinery wise Income/Expenditure accounts
  • Own Income/Expenditure accounts
  • Daily vehicle status
  • Monthly & Annual RateKm report for each plant and vehicle
  • Alerts on pending tax, insurance, renewals, permits, etc.
  • Repairs & average Consumption expenditure on each vehicle
  • TDS statement, Outstandings Statement, etc.
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