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This software product comprises the following application modules…

Payroll (Optional)

The brief scope of individual modules is as follows…






This module automates the complete workflow of the Circulation Department and is integrated with the Advertisement and Accounts Modules.

The Circulation Module maintains the details of individual Publications and the Advertisement Module shares the same data, thereby ensuring that changes made in respect of a Publication is centrally monitored and accessed across the Organization.

Likewise, all billing done by the Circulation module gets auto-posted in the Accounts Module to enable effective Debtors’ Control.

The summary of the features of this module is…

Initial Setup

» Agent sub-module

  • Agent Name
  • Publication name which is being handled by the agent
  • Whether supposed to get City edition or Late City edition.
  • Number of copies being taken by the agent (including specifics on weekdays / holidays), besides keeping tab on Membership copy, complimentary copy, etc.
  • Security Deposit of the agent

» Publication sub-module

  • Publication Name
  • Whether Newspaper or Magazine
  • Language of Publication
  • Frequency of Publication
  • Last Date of Publication
  • Next Date of Publication

» Subscriber sub-module

  • Subscriber Name
  • Detail Address
  • Whether supposed to get City edition or Late city edition

» Area Maintenance

  • Area name
  • Whether Rural or Urban

» Other Sub-modules

  • Print Order format of ABC standard Main group
  • Print Order format of ABC standard Sub group
  • Transportation Media Maintenance
  • State Maintenance
  • District Maintenance
  • Route Maintenance

Daily Transaction

  • Print Order Generation
  • Selective Print Order correction

Monthly Transaction

  • Agent Bill Generation

Periodic Transaction

  • Receipt From Agent/Subscriber.
  • Security Receipt.
  • Credit Note/Debit Note.


  • As Per ABC Standard Print Order Printing.
  • Agent / Subscriber wise dispatch label Printing.
  • Road Challan Printing depending upon different route.
  • Agent wise bill printing.
  • Delivery sheet printing.
  • Agent/Subscriber Ledger.
  • Consolidated ledger (Agent wise & Publication wise).
  • Publication wise monthly Register
  • District wise Publication Analysis.
  • Collection Outstanding.
  • Monthly Print order Summary.
  • Security Deposit ledger.
Advertisement Module

Particularly in this module it can take care of the complete Advertisement department also to certain extent it is integrated with Accounts module.

Accordingly like Circulation module whatever billing takes place at the Advertisement module it directly gets posted at the Accounts module. So it is very convenient to control Advertisement debtors.

The other features are briefly mentioned below…

Initial Setup

» Advertiser Maintenance having options

  • Advertiser name, Address & Billing Location
  • Region code as per MPR
  • Whether Advertiser belongs to Membership of INS or not
  • Commission Percentage

» Advertisement Rate with options…

a) For Newspaper

  • Publication name
  • Whether rate is applicable for DAVP, DIPR or Commercial
  • Whether rate is for Ear panel, Classified or Per Column centimeter
  • Delivery charges for Classified printed matter

b) For Magazine

  • Publication name
  • Position where advertisement to be printed (e.g. Inside quarter page ordinary, Back side cover page, Inside half page color, etc.)
  • Rate

» Extra Charges Maintenance having options

  • Position description (e.g. Front page, Front page solus, Back Page, Back page solus, Island position, Other Guaranteed position, etc.)
  • Maximum Column Centimeter, Minimum Column Centimeter
  • Extra charge Percentage on Basic rate

» Advertiser location maintenance

» Branch maintenance

Daily Transaction

» Release Order Maintenance having options.

  • For single Ad material, there is provision to enter Release Order across different Publications with their detail specification. These Publication could be a Newspaper or a Magazine
  • In case of Newspaper it will ask for Publication Date, Advertisement Category, Special position (if any), Special page (if any), Page no, Column Centimeter and Remarks
  • In case of Magazine it will ask for Publication date, Advertisement Category and Remarks

» Bill Printing after Publishing of Ad Material

  • The system would generate a unique ID for every new Rekease Order. While printing the bill, the system would prompt for this ID and would display the bill for any on-screen modification before printing and finalizing

» Receipt From Party

  • Payment Receipt option against bill from a party as well as On- Account. Payment could be received in any mode such as cash, bank, etc. The software would retrieve all unpaid bills and on-screen bills could be flagged for full or partial payment.

» Credit Note / Debit Note


  • Ad Publishing Schedule Date wise
  • Publishing Confirmation Letter
  • Acknowledgement Slip
  • Dues Billing List
  • Bill Register
  • Advertiser Ledger
  • Outstanding list
  • Bill wise Outstanding
  • Area wise Outstanding
  • M.P.R. as per INS Standard as well as Floppy based
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