• Customised Application

The solution covers the entire business process of the Industry such as Production, Inventory, Purchase, Sales & Distribution, Finance and Payroll and generates MIS reports for various levels of management. The software helps in identifying deviations of productivity of each department from their set norms, tracks the manufacturing cost at any stage of production and keeps the top management online with the status of Production, sales, Stocks and Finance.

The special feature of this GUI-based software is that it is customizable to the specific requirement of the end-user, because of its open-ended design and flexible structure. The software runs on all popular databases such as Oracle, SQLSERVER.

The system has six basic modules. This gives client the flexibility to implement the system in a phased manner without sacrificing long-term objectives.


  • Production
  • Material Management
  • Sales And Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • Fixed Asset
  • Personnel Management System

Production Module
Materials Management Module
Job Card Preparation Masters – Materials & Vendors
DTP Job / Art Work Vendor & Material Master Link
Positive preparation & verification Material Procurement evaluation
Preparation of Plate Purchase Order
Printing process Stock Management
Fabrication process Item Management
Final dispatch Material Receipt
Bill from jobbers Material Issue
Reports Material Return to Stores
  Material Return to Supplier
  Purchase Invoice Entry
  Vendor Analysis


Sales & Distribution Module
Financial Management Module
Customer Master Chart of Accounts
Sales Order Cash, Bank & Contra vouchers
Delivery Order Receipts & Payments
Challan Preparation Journal Vouchers
Sales Invoice Preparation Cash and Banks books
Debtor Analysis General Ledgers and Sub Ledgers
Other Various Reports Final Accounts (Trial, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)
  MIS Reports

Fixed Assets Module
Personnel Management Module
Asset Addition Employee Details
Asset Disposal Employee Attendance Entry
Location Of Fixed Asset Pay Calculation
Revaluation Of Fixed Asset Overtime Calculation
Calculation of Depreciation Loans / Advance
Accounting Effect Leave Management
Reports Income Tax
  PF / ESI Accounting
  Statutory reports
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