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This is an integrated ERP system for multi-locational Rubber manufacturing Industry. The ERP automates all the Corporate office operations as well as its multi-site Manufacturing units and Central Warehouse (if any). The software also provides seamless data transfer between these locations through variety of connection modes including dial-up connection. The software runs on centralized database such as SQLServer or Oracle


The major functional areas covered by the system are
  • Production Planning and Control
  • MRP, Inventory Control & Purchase Planning
  • Centralized Order Booking
  • Sales Accounting & Invoicing
  • Account Receivable and Payable
  • Payroll and associated returns
  • Final Accounts
  • MIS

This module tracks the graduation of raw materials through various stages of the production processes and finally culminating into the finished good. Specifically, sales forecast leads to a programmed batch quantity for the day, converted into the material requisitions, their processing, movement through various stages while scheduling for machines and workmen, tracking efficiencies of each process-units and finally ending up at the Finished goods stores. The modules for this sub-system are:

  • Programmed batches for the day’s production based on Sales plan
  • Raw materials requirement for the day based on production requirement
  • Stores Issues to production and updating of stock ledger
  • Five-stage Production registers tracking outputs of each sub-processes and units
  • Manpower efficiency computation unit-wise
  • Finished goods stock update

This module has nine input interfaces and generates twelve reports besides a free-form query model.


Tracks basic movement in-and-out of materials. Issues are directly updated from the MRP schedule and issue slips. Stocks are augmented through GRNs. Indents are system-generated based on stock levels. The system raises Purchase orders, maintains stock ledger & trial, values issues based on weighted-average purchase rate and prepares various registers.

» The system outputs are

  • Indents
  • Purchase Orders
  • Material requisitions
  • Receipt Register
  • Consumption Statement
  • Stock ledger
  • Stock trial
  • Closing stock valuation

» The screen inputs are

  • GRN
  • Rejection notes
  • Transfer notes
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Supplier bills

Sales and Distribution

The Corporate office generally books sales orders after checking the outstanding levels and the credit period of the customers. Then it channelises the order (sometimes even spliting it) to one or more production units (factories). This is done electronically. The factories then plan their production accordingly and once the goods are ready, they distribute it to the customer and raises Invoice. Finished goods stocks are updated. Despatches are monitored.

» The screen inputs are

  • Corporate Order booking
  • Challan finalization
  • Invoice finalization
  • Credit Notes

» The outputs are

  • Sales Order (HO)
  • Sales order register (HO)
  • Delivery Challan
  • Invoice
  • Sales Register
  • Order-wise Sales register
  • Customer trial
  • Tax Registers
  • Debtors’ Control
  • Outstandings monitoring & Age analysis
  • Billing by various parameters
  • Sales performance by various parameters
  • Finished Goods ledger


This module provides salary computation of various categories of employees, maintenance of statutory books and registers, computation of Overtime, Incentive, Bonus, ESI, PF, Leave, etc. Various functional modules are

  • Master Revisions
  • Daily Attendance
  • Daily Overtime
  • Month-wise holiday settings for each unit
  • Variable Inputs
  • Pay Calculation
  • Pay Slip
  • Bonus
  • Professional Tax
  • Provident Fund System
  • Production Incentive
  • Group Incentive
  • Overtime
  • Manpower Cost
  • Employee Insurance & ESI returns
  • Leave Register


This module deals with financial transactions and book-keeping.

» The basic inputs are

  • Cash Voucher
  • Bank Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Supplier bills

» The system generates / prints

  • Vouchers
  • Cash Books
  • Bank Books
  • Cash trial
  • Inward Bill Register
  • Inward Bill Register (category-wise)
  • Inward Bill Register (summary)
  • Sales Register (by sales tax types)
  • Sales Register (category-wise)
  • Sales Register (details)
  • Journal Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Expense Register (user-selectable heads)
  • Revenue Accounts
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Management Information System

This module enables top management to surf through the bottom-line of all integrated functional modules with a drill-down option to navigate to the transaction level. Specifically,

» Productivity Analysis – Actual production of each unit by shift, manpower utilized, raw material consumed, apportioned overheads, cost / efficiency ratios, etc.

» Cash Flow – Collections and payments with respect to each unit. Payables & liabilities. Alerts on levels of each bank account.

» Debtors’ Outstandings – Outstanding levels, Average credit period and alerts. By customers, by regions, by Sales group, by Salesman, by Products, etc.

» Payables’ Control – Supplier audit of business placed by category, average credit period enjoyed, rejection levels, etc.

» Sales trend – Sales analysis of various brands and sizes by month, over different territories.

Connectivity and Administration

A seamless database connectivity solution has been implemented between the Corporate office and the factories through dial-up modems. Script has been written to upload and download unit-specific data to-and-from the remote access server at the Corporate office. The script ensures that all new and modified transactions are securely transmitted and updated.

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