• Customised Application


This software caters to the specific requirement of chemical industry for both continuous as well as discrete processes.

The solution is based on central database with leased line connectivity at multiple locations (manufacturing units, Marketing cell, Corporate office, etc.). The database could be either Oracle or SQL Server.


  • Finance Management
  • Material Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Excise Management
  • Asset Management
  • Budget & Costing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Personal Management
  • PF Accounting (Own Trust)
  • MIS
  • Security control

Finance Management
Material Management
Chart of account Materials Maintenance
Account receivable Creditor Maintenance
Account payable Location Maintenance
Voucher Bin Card Location
Dr./Cr. Note Indent Generation
Bank Reconciliation Tender Processing
Profit & Loss Blanket PO
Balance Sheet Financial Concurrency
  Purchase/Service Order
  Day Book / Unchecked Good Receipt
  Provisional Liability Booking
  Material Inspection
  Goods Receipt Note
  Excise Credit (System Generated)
  Purchase/Service Bill processing
  Consumption Of Materials
  Monthly Store Ledger Closing

Sales & Distribution
Budget & Costing
Product Maintenance
Norms Fixation
Debtor Maintenance
Product wise sales revenue projection
Consignee Maintenance
Budgeted Sales rate
Location Maintenance
Budgeted Overhead Cost
Sales Offer
Budgeted Overhead Cost for Non BOM Items
Sales Order Booking/Amendment
Account Head wise Un-allocated Amount
Delivery Order Prepn /Amendment
Account Head wise Apportionment
Challan Cum Invoice
Other Revenue
Supplementary Invoice
Interest Revenue
Cr. Note
Cylinder Recapitulation
Product Return
Complaint Tracking

Asset Management
Transport & Logistics
Location Maintenance
Tender Processing for Incoming/Outgoing Transporter
Asset Maintenance
Transport Order Preparation / Amendment
Asset Addition (Other than MRN)
Manifold Transporter Order Preparation / Amendment
Asset Disposal
Way Bill Maintenance
Asset Revaluation
Transporter Bill Processing
Asset Transfer
Depreciation Calculation
Journal Voucher (System Generated)

Excise Management
Personnel Management
RG Register Maintenance
Estate Maintenance
PLA Maintenance
Employee’s Training
MODVAT Maintenance
Time Office
Loans & Advance
Arrear Calculation
Production Incentive
Income Tax
Statutory Returns
Suspension feature
Voucher Posting (System Generated)

PF Accounting
PF Rate of Interest Maintenance
Production Vs Dispatch
ROI Fixation for PF Loan
Product Wise Sales Status
Chart of Account
Debtor’s Position
Bond/Certificate Maintenance
Cash Flow
Loan Disbursement
Bank Position
Loan Recovery
Man Power Position
Voucher Posting
Employee Retirement Schedule
Bank Reconciliation
Salary/ Wages Status
Fund/Loan Ledger Closing

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